About Us

About Us

Gerhard Meng - Born in Germany, Gerhard moved to Canada at the age of five, returned to Germany a year later and has not stopped traveling since. Travel has been in the way of planes, boats, buses, autos, trains, trucks, motor scooter, and bicycles, as well as on foot, by horse, camel, elephant, tortoise, taxi, hydro-foil, pedi-cab, helicopter and funicular. To date Gerhard has been to Europe inumerable times and most years spends five to six months on the continent. He has also explored all other continents, except Antarctica (it's too cold), visiting more than 200 different countries in all. Since starting Gerhard's Odysseys in 1974, he has led tours to various destinations in Europe, and to China, Sri Lanka, Central America, Australia, and New Zealand.

Darlene is from the Pacific Northwest. She has been associated with Gerhard's Odysseys since the mid-80s, traveling with Gerhard throughout Europe, New Zealand, to Vietnam, Africa, and Australia. The epitome of cheerfulness and ever ready to give great tips on shopping, sightseeing, walking, and dining, Darlene is a fantastic accompaniment and positive force on all tours.

Tina has been working with Gerhard since the '80s, accompanying Gerhard's Odysseys trips all over Europe. Having done part of her studies in Vienna, Austria, and currently residing in Paris, Tina enjoys the French and German languages and feels at home in Europe. She loves traveling and sharing the gastronomy, history, culture, and nuances of countries with others.

Doris is our Switzerland specialist. As a member of the Association of Swiss Hiking Guides, she has a love of nature and unlimited energy.

Daniel is our webmaster. He build our new website and manages its content.